City of Edmond

Wayfinding Program

Cruise along the famed Route 66 you will arrive in Edmond,one of the best places to live in Oklahoma, Home to championship golf courses, indoor/outdoor food halls, downtown street festivals and local shopping and dining there’s a lot to do during your visit. You can explore Arcadia Lake, as well as 33 parks, 47 miles of trails, more than 300 public art pieces that provide the City a unique sense of community.

The wayfinding program designed by MERJE, guides motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians through streets of Edmond. The design takes cues from the local architecture and materials. The graphics incorporate pictograms to promote recreational activities, as well as a vibrant color palette accent for Downtown Edmond. Kiosk offer promotion of Community Events and include a new orientation map, also designed by MERJE.

Client: City of Edmond
Services: Gateways and Signage