Callaway Resort & Gardens

Wayfinding Master Plan

Callaway Resort & Gardens is a 2,500-acre resort complex located near Pine Mountain, Georgia. Attracting over 750,000 visitors annually, the property includes the world’s largest azalea garden and was ranked as Best Georgia Attraction in 2018 by USA Today. The property is owned and operated by Herschend Family Entertainment.

Over the years, on-site signage had become inaccurate, inconsistent and cluttered around the site. Based on our previous work with Herschend Family Entertainment, the company hired MERJE to conduct a Wayfinding Master Plan. The new plan clarifies entrances, creates zones and provides simplified messaging. Icons, color-coding and sustainable materials are utilized to create new entrance identification elements, street signs and vehicular directional signs.

The first initiative was the creation of a new orientation map, that establishes the graphic language for the overall wayfinding program. The use of color and zone icons are key component to the design.

Client: Herschend Family Entertainment
Services: Wayfinding Master Plan, Design, Planning, and Documentation
LOCATION: Pine Mountain, GA