Media Borough, PA


As the seat of Delaware County, PA, Media Borough is home to government offices, courts and many supporting business, restaurants and public amenities. The historic architecture, treelined streets and boutique stores help promote this family friendly community. Up to 20,000 travelers pass through Media on a daily basis, while not a large or complex town, sign clutter and lack of information can often create confusion, traffic congestion and inefficient traffic flow.

Media borough hired MERJE to develop a comprehensive wayfinding program that will create new gateway elements, assist with directing people to parking and provide pedestrian orientation through maps and kiosks. The design reflects the historic nature of the town, but also takes opportunities to promote the active nightlife and center for events and festivals that Media has become known for in Delaware County. The project was funded by a grant from the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.

Client: Media Borough
Services: Analysis, Design, Planning, Documentation, Construction Admin