Carthage College

Campus Signage

When your morning view is the sun rising over Lake Michigan, classes are held on lakeside rocks, and the campus is an 80-acre arboretum, you know that you have reached academic arcadia. With Abraham Lincoln as an early trustee and John Hay an alumnus, Carthage College’s distinguished heritage matches its idyllic setting.

MERJE designed a clear but nonintrusive campus wayfinding system that combines the gravitas of the school’s history with the simplicity of the natural surroundings. An initial wayfinding assessment identified and issued recommendations for pedestrian and vehicular circulation, parking strategies and campus zones. Signage included campus gateway, vehicular directional, building identification, parking lot entry, pedestrian directional and orientation maps.

Client: Carthage College
Services: Analysis, Design, Planning, Documentation, Construction Admin
Project Location: Kenosha, WI