Whistler Cultural Connector

Identity & Pedestrian Wayfinding

The Whistler Cultural Connector (WCC) project is a unique and separate layer of the wayfinding experience in Whistler. The project relies more on discovery than literal directional information. The project looks to celebrate Whistler’s emergence as a vibrant cultural destination and improve the physical, visual, experimental and branded connectivity between six cultural institutions in Whistler.

The institutions include, Whistler Museum and Archives, Whistler Public Library, Millennium Place, the Audain Art Gallery, the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre and Passiv House at the trail head to Lost Lake. MERJE has created a branded wayfinding system that acts more as an experience you come across and discover through repetition. The design utilizes a black, white and yellow pattern that is applied to different elements and at different scales and configurations.

Client: Resort Municipality of Whistler
Services: Design, Planning, Documentation, Construction Admin
Project Location: Whistler, BC
Special Services: Trail Wayfinding, Branding