Whistler Parks

Wayfinding and Signage Standards Manual

Opportunity for outdoor recreation is everywhere in and around the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW), in British Columbia. In addition to the epic ski slopes, there are robust parks and trails systems. There are over 40 parks ranging from small neighborhood green spaces, to large parks with numerous facilities. The gem of the trail system is The Valley Trail: a paved path that connects the entire region that serves as the connection between many of the parks.

MERJE designed a new comprehensive design guideline for Whistler Parks and signage for the Valley Trail. The systems work with the RMOW identity and utilize design elements used in the Whistler Village Wayfinding Program that was also designed by MERJE. Natural basalt stone accents and angular shapes create a design that is unique and of its place.

Client: Resort Municipality of Whistler
Services: Design, Planning, Construction Admin
Project Location: Whistler, BC
Special Services: Trail Wayfinding, Map Design