United Trails

Regional Trail Branding & Wayfinding

Miles of paved paths existing within Northeastern Indiana have the goal of one day becoming a connected regional network for families, health advocates, and commuters to utilize and take them to various regional destinations. Still evolving, this Regional Trail System required an identity that captured all of its assets, character, uses and potential.

The Trail System is used in many ways by many people, but at its core, connectivity to different areas of the Northeastern Indiana Region is what makes the trail special and a huge asset to the Region. MERJE developed an identity for this regional trail system, which will expand to include wayfinding signage and marketing materials. Through a series of branding exercises which involved the steering committee, stakeholders and the general public, MERJE built consensus for the trail name, tagline and logo. The local trails will have the option to be included in the regional trail system, either with a new trail logo or by utilizing the wayfinding signage on their already-established trails.

Client: Northeast Indiana Regional Coordination Council
Services: Design, Documentation
Project Location: Northeastern Indiana
Special Services: Trail Wayfinding, Branding