University of Alaska

Campus Wayfinding

Environmental graphic design is all about inspiration. It’s about discovering the lakes and spruce forests, the quiet libraries and dynamic sports centers, the jewels of a place that inform visitors that a destination is worth visiting—and about announcing these gems in the form of bold graphics. Eye-catching logos on colorful signs that read Arts Building, Bookstore, Campus Center and even dog-sledding, all help guide people to a university’s best places. They also help build an identity.

The University of Alaska, Anchorage, a major research institution, and the state’s largest university wanted to help students and faculty find their way around campus. It also sought out a better way to market itself to visitors. The university commissioned MERJE to develop a comprehensive Wayfinding and Signage Master Plan for all of its buildings on two of its campuses.

Client: University of Alaska, Anchorage
Services: Design, Planning, Documentation, Construction Admin
Project Location: Anchorage, AK