New Haven

Wayfinding Program

New Haven, Connecticut may be home to a historic and prestigious university, but the city itself wanted a fresh, modern look to the gateways announcing entry into the city, and the wayfinding signage throughout. New Haven is not characterized by Yale University alone, and the wayfinding program celebrates that fact.

MERJE was given the task of designing 3 unique gateway features for three entry points to the city. Using clean, modern shapes and materials, as well as sculptural light poles that change color, we were able to provide a memorable gateway experience for visitors entering the City of New Haven. This modern look is carried through to the wayfinding signage. Unique finials and posts with different pops of color are placed throughout the city. The bright colors assure that the signs are visible in an urban landscape, while the sign panels themselves are clean and simple.

Client: City of New Haven, City Planning Dept.
Services: Analysis, Design, Planning, Documentation, Construction Admin
Project Location: New Haven, CT
Special Services: Community Wayfinding, Map Design