Wayfinding Program

Dubbed the Garden City for its mild winters, Missoula is a bustling university community surrounded by national forests, mighty rivers and idyllic wilderness. To support the City’s continued growth, MERJE was engaged in developing a community wayfinding program that would celebrate Missoula’s cultural, recreational and educational assets.

The program divides the glacier lake City into unique districts: North and South Reserves, Airport Business, Downtown, Midtown and Fort Missoula, each with color-coded signs made of natural materials in a design that emphasizes the active outdoors. lnner city bike routes and surrounding hiking trails are marked, along with the local arts scene and connections to the University. The program eliminates the visual clutter of signage and provides a long-term plan for adaptation.

Client: Downtown Missoula Partnership & CVB
Services: Analysis, Design, Planning, Documentation, Construction Admin
Project Location: Missoula, MT