Virginia State Capitol

Virginia State Capitol

Given its age and architect, the Virginia Capitol building is the most historically significant state capitol in the United States. In a landmark structure like Jefferson’s Capitol, the message that the architecture sends out is clear, strong, and evocative of the principals for which it was designed. The signage had to send the same message and more. The new extension is a refined and modern complement to the historic building. It serves as the primary public entrance and the beginning of the visitor’s experience at the Capitol. The sign program had to be one that was not only elegant and bold, but also could be trusted to show the way.

As a key member of the design team, MERJE worked closely with Historic Preservation architect, Dr. George Skarmeas and the Capitol’s Executive Committee to design signage that would fit seamlessly throughout the renovated and expanded Capitol building. All parties agreed that, beyond meeting code and accessibility requirements, the new signs had to fit the historic building as if they could have been there when the building was first occupied in 1788.

Terra Libri Lettering

Terra Libri Cafe

Terra Libri is a fresh-bake cafe. Each of the menu items are made with all-natural ingredients and produce from local New Jersey farms and orchards. MERJE worked with Terra Moma Restaurant Group to develop a new identity and branded graphics that reflect the farm-to-table approach of the cafe. An earth tone palette was incorporated, along with black & white images of farmers and photos of the fresh produce. Located within the Princeton Public Library, the space provides a gathering place for the local community to stop in and meet with friends, grab a cup of coffee to go or just enjoy the latest best-seller.

Swarthmore Inn

Swarthmore College

Swarthmore College is currently embarking upon a series of capital project initiatives that will continue to transform the campus. A key component of these initiatives is the development of the Town Center West project, which is a development concept that includes the construction of an inn, restaurant, and retail space to house an expanded College store. The TCW development, which has the additional feature of being in close proximity to a regional rail line, will also provide a closer, stronger connection between Borough residents and the College community

MERJE worked with the College and Aegis Property Group, as well as a multi-disciplined team of architects, interior designers, and retail strategist to develop a comprehensive exterior and interior signage program for the various building types. The traditional borough architecture and village setting are a guiding basis for design, as well as strong brand and identity recognition for each space.

Princeton Public Library

Princeton Public Library

Located in the heart of downtown, Princeton Public Library is a community asset and gathering place. MERJE developed a branding and signage program that looks to compete with the popularity of the combination bookstore/cafe retail spaces.

The brand includes an icon of a person reading a book, emphasizing the “public” in public library, while the simple typography depicts the library as a friendly and approachable environment. The icon portion of the logo has been adapted for use in the identification of the library store and on merchandise for sale in the store. To identify the different sections of the library, the interior signage incorporates photographs of people reading, listening and engaging in other activities related to the library’s resources.

Peddie School

Peddie School

MERJE worked closely with the RMJM Hillier architectural team and the Peddie School science department to design a solution that provides opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom through the use of dynamic graphics and interpretive design.

Elements such as a large scale DNA model, molecular structure diagrams of common everyday items, a floor graphic depicting a scale model of the solar system, and signage provide constant sources of scientific information. Each of the fourteen classrooms are named for and feature a famous scientist such as Sir Isaac Newton, and Albert Einstein.

This project has been recognized by the Society for Environmental Graphic Design.

Episcopal Academy Donor Wall

Episcopal Academy

The Episcopal Academy’s 123-acre campus is home to academic buildings for grades pre-K through 12, a chapel, campus center, athletic center and fields for 1,100 students. Working with the Academy and multiple architectural teams, MERJE developed interior, exterior, and donor signage programs for the entire campus.

The design of the exterior signage includes the Episcopal Academy seal and “Episcopal blue” as primary graphic elements. Stone bases on ID signs and kiosks reflect building materials used thoughout the campus. The wayfinding program is coordinated with the landscape architecture and overall campus plan to provide a seamless and easy-to-navigate journey.

For interior spaces, a cohesive wayfinding system was developed to unify all of the buildings on campus. The system was developed to adapt to and complement each interior environment.

Chester County Library

Chester County Library

The Chester County Library System’s main branch retained MERJE to design a new interior wayfinding and signage system that also includes large wall murals and interpretive graphics that showcase the history of Chester County.

The rolling hills and dairy farms for which Exton is known became the inspiration for both the signage and the interpretive aspects of the project. Simple, clean overlapping graphic hills are used in the signage and murals, along with graphic icons to identify areas of the library, like Multimedia, Literacy Center, Teen Zone, Computers and others. A mural in the entrance atrium showcases the names of library patrons’ favorite authors, while the interpretive graphics highlight the famous restaurant and creamery that was located near the present-day library site. A Guernsey cow, the icon of the restaurant, adorns one of the interpretive walls.

CBS/3 Interior


MERJE worked with the architectural and interior design teams of RMJM to blend the graphic design program as a single language throughout the space of CBS Channel 3’s new studio and offices in Philadelphia. The program includes reception area branding, wayfinding and operational signage, as well as the group’s common practice of establishing landmarks that provide points of orientation within a space, in this case a large etched graphic of the classic test pattern used in the early days of television.

Through its shapes, materials and forms, the design reflects the clean modern details of the space. Neutral metals are consistent with the interior finishes. The reception area signage incorporates lighting and the suspended glass surface panels behind the desk. Exterior signage includes a 16′ high classic CBS “eye” logo, which was carefully coordinated with the building’s structure.

Beckton Dickinson

Becton Dickinson

The materials of the Campus Center at Becton Dickinson and Company express the environmental nature of the project and inspired the overall earthern and organic theme of the visual elements. Researching sustainable and natural materials was part of the design process. Interior signage is made from recycled frosted glass and has a subtly etched wood grain texture creating a virtual translucency that mimicks the interior lighting.

Culturally, people will create nicknames for meeting places. The new facility has several dining experiences that were named using lowercase lettering with earthy names such as root, node, and pulse. The photography and videos found in backlit cashier stations and light projected walls are of abstract natural elements. The light projected video imagery creates a natural texture and mood for relaxation enhancing a contrasting environment with the neighboring office buildings.