Becton Dickinson

Interior Wayfinding & Signage

The materials of the Campus Center at Becton Dickinson and Company express the environmental nature of the project and inspired the overall earthern and organic theme of the visual elements. Researching sustainable and natural materials was part of the design process. Interior signage is made from recycled frosted glass and has a subtly etched wood grain texture creating a virtual translucency that mimicks the interior lighting.

Culturally, people will create nicknames for meeting places. The new facility has several dining experiences that were named using lowercase lettering with earthy names such as root, node, and pulse. The photography and videos found in backlit cashier stations and light projected walls are of abstract natural elements. The light projected video imagery creates a natural texture and mood for relaxation enhancing a contrasting environment with the neighboring office buildings.

Client: Becton Dickinson and Company
Services: Design, Planning, Documentation, Construction Admin
Project Location: New Jersey