Wissahickon Valley Park

Signage Standards Manual

The Friends of the Wissahickon (FOW) is a 1,600 member, non-profit organization founded in 1924 with a mission “to preserve the natural beauty and wildness of the Wissahickon Valley and stimulate public interest therein.” FOW, in partnership with Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Department, contracted with MERJE to develop a comprehensive trail identification and wayfinding signage system for Wissahickon Valley Park. Project Goals include:

• Direct and orient visitors to the trails they are seeking.
• Communicate safety and information in case of emergency.
• Explain environmental issues.
• Keep visitors off closed areas, minimizing damage to a resources.
• Help instill a conservation ethic.

The project includes Information Kiosks, directional signage, trail markers, trail maps and regulatory/warning signage.

Client: The Friends of Wissahicken
Services: Design Planning, Documentation
Location: Philadelphia, PA