Fredericksburg, TX

Wayfinding Program

Fredericksburg is known as the home of “Texas German”, a German dialect spoken by the first generations of settlers who did not learn English. The settlers of Fredericksburg, Texas, entered into a peace treaty with the Comanche Indians of the region. This treaty has been honored for over a century and a half, making it one of the few treaties with Native Americans that was never broken.

MERJE has developed a comprehensive Wayfinding Master Plan that incudes gateways, vehicular and pedestrian signage, parking directional signage and information kiosks. German designs influence the buildings and the crafts found in Fredericksburg, specifically gingerbread and scherenschnitte (scissor cuts) so it was only natural to bring those influences into the wayfinding design as well.

Client: City of Fredericksburg, Planning Department
Services: Analysis, Design, Planning, Documentation, Construction Admin
Project Location: Fredericksburg, TX
Special Services: Community Wayfinding, Map Design, Interpretive Panels