Pedestrian Wayfinding Master Plan

With a strong sense of identity, Eugene is a dynamic, creative and open city set in the South Willamette Valley. Located between the Willamette River, the coast mountain range and the Cascade Mountains, Eugene is the home of the University of Oregon, an active, engaged community with a thriving, one-of-a kind downtown. From the city center to city neighborhoods, Eugene is full of eclectic entrepreneurial folks pursuing a variety of creative activities ranging from cottage industry artisans to world‐class research and software development.

MERJE has been working with the City of Eugene to develop a comprehensive Pedestrian Wayfinding Master Plan, that will guide visitors and residents alike. The system supports the discovery of local destinations, provides walking distances and promotes the use of public transit. Working with the City, Lane County Tourism and more than 25 stakeholders, MERJE worked to help identify the wayfinding issues, build consensus and make recommendations for a consistent overall approach to wayfinding, while keeping the freedom of expression that is unique to Eugene intact.

Client: City of Eugene Planning Dept.
Services: Wayfinding Master Plan