Fayetteville Airport

Signage Program

Located in the “City of Dogwoods,” the Fayetteville Regional Airport serves a 12-county area in the Sandhills of southern North Carolina, along the I-95 corridor. Fayetteville Regional Airport is serviced by three main airlines: US Airways Express, with daily service to its Charlotte, NC hub; ASA, the Delta Connection, with daily service to its Atlanta hub; and American Eagle Airlines, with daily service to Dallas/Ft. Worth.

The design of the program is a natural extension of the City of Fayetteville Wayfinding Program, also designed by MERJE. Details were added to reflect the airport identity and the sizes and configuration were adjusted to assist the airport specific wayfinding needs. Stone bases are incorporated to match the context of the environment and building architecture. The project installed in late 2012.

Client: Fayetteville Airport Authority
Services: Design, Planning, Documentation, Construction Admin
Project Location: Fayetteville, NC