LBJ/NTE Expressway

(TEXpress) Wayfinding Master Plan

NTE Mobility Partners and LBJ Infrastructure Group have retained MERJE to conduct a wayfinding analysis of 2 segments of the TEXpress roadway that runs for 12 miles. The roadway includes a combination of managed lanes, general purpose lanes, frontage roads and direct connectors. The review includes an inventory of all communication tools that help introduce, explain and communicate how to use TEXpress to the general public and daily uses.

MERJE, working with transportation researcher Phil Garvey, conducted an evaluation of existing conditions, surveys of TEXpress users and inventory of signage. The assessment considers TXMUTCD, Federal MUTCD and best practices from similar managed lane highway systems from around the country. The report also includes recommendations for new signage layouts, re-sequencing of information and adjustments to terminology that will make for a clearer wayfinding experience.

Client: North Tarrant Mobility Partners
Services: Wayfinding Master Plan
Project Location: North Texas