Princeton Public Library

Princeton Public Library

Located in the heart of downtown, Princeton Public Library is a community asset and gathering place. MERJE developed a branding and signage program that looks to compete with the popularity of the combination bookstore/cafe retail spaces.

The brand includes an icon of a person reading a book, emphasizing the “public” in public library, while the simple typography depicts the library as a friendly and approachable environment. The icon portion of the logo has been adapted for use in the identification of the library store and on merchandise for sale in the store. To identify the different sections of the library, the interior signage incorporates photographs of people reading, listening and engaging in other activities related to the library’s resources.

Missoula Pedestrian Sign Detail


Dubbed the Garden City for its mild winters, Missoula is a bustling university community surrounded by national forests, mighty rivers and idyllic wilderness. To support the City’s continued growth, MERJE was engaged in developing a community wayfinding program that would celebrate Missoula’s cultural, recreational and educational assets.

The program divides the glacier lake City into unique districts: North and South Reserves, Airport Business, Downtown, Midtown and Fort Missoula, each with color-coded signs made of natural materials in a design that emphasizes the active outdoors. lnner city bike routes and surrounding hiking trails are marked, along with the local arts scene and connections to the University. The program eliminates the visual clutter of signage and provides a long-term plan for adaptation.

Miami wayfinding program

Miami Beach

Follow the fashionistas and you’ll find Miami Beach’s white sandy shores and round-the-clock South Beach dance clubs, but you may miss the art museums, botanical garden and galleries. Tourism is big business in Miami Beach and a new signage system designed by MERJE will help you find your way on your next visit.

Working with City officials, stakeholders and the community, MERJE created a wayfinding program and brand identity influenced by Miami Beach style. The polished, ellipse-shaped post provides a modern elegance to the spine of the sign structure. The guide sign face is simple, meeting Florida Department of Transportation criteria, but the back of the sign, the panel shape and brackets take on curved forms that turn a seemingly simple sign into a distinctive element on the street. Every aspect of this inspired design helps it to integrate into an environment that has an overwhelming architectural context and visual presence.

Allentown Parks Logo

Allentown Parks

Directional signage that connects Allentown’s 2000 acres of trails, riverfront activities and green space is a key element in the city’s economic development efforts. Engaging, precise and reassuring to city-dwellers and visitors, the new logo and signage standards will improve community access to parks and greenway corridors, supporting Allentown’s commitment to safe, modern places for public recreation and a cleaner, more beautiful city.