Virginia tech wayfinding

A unique and functional wayfinding system can market Virginia Tech, present a friendly image and communicate that the University is efficient, organized and caring. Helping a visitor “find their way” is an important part of their experience and time spent on campus.

Goals of the Wayfinding Master Plan being developed by MERJE , includes achieving a consistent and unified wayfinding system incorporating graphic improvements based on university branding initiatives, accessibility for persons with disabilities, safety, cost, durability and sustainability. The primary focus will be the design of aesthetically appropriate signs that enhance the visual character of the campus. The work shall include designing a portfolio of appropriate and affordable signs that can be constructed and maintained by Virginia Tech Physical Plant staff.

In addition to signage the Wayfinding Master Plan will consider all wayfinding tools, including but not limited to orientation maps, technology (on-line, interactive, hand-held devices, etc.) print support materials, staff training and physical landmarks.

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