Paving the way for a State-wide standard

MERJE, working with renowned graphic designer Lance Wyman, developed a comprehensive wayfinding master plan for the State of New Jersey. The master plan sets forth standards and guidelines for creating wayfinding programs and regions within the State, destination inclusion criteria for the signing system, a framework for consistent use of terminology, and recommendations for implementing design standards across the State.

The plan uses a “from the outside in” approach to wayfinding. Travelers to New Jersey are first welcomed upon their arrival to the State and introduced to the idea that there are distinct tourist regions. The plan also includes recommendations and standards for incorporating the New Jersey TODS program and existing wayfinding programs into the overall hierarchy of information created by the new plan. The master plan maintains that individual signing regions are unique and that the wayfinding programs established within each signing region should reflect the inherent character of that area while maintaining a consistent presentation of information to the visitor.

Ultimately, the philosophy driving the project is to create a well planned, organized and user-friendly image for the State while aiding travelers in discovering all that the State of New Jersey has to offer.

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