plainsboro, new jersey

UMCP is a new, state-of-the art hospital that reflects the most advanced thinking about the way people interact as they work toward health and healing. Designed by a team of internationally renowned architects and consultants, who gathered input from physicians, employees, patients and community members, the new hospital was built using the latest in green building techniques. The goal is to minimize the hospital's impact on the environment and provide the best conditions for patients.

Working with HOK Architects and the UMCP staff, MERJE developed a comprehensive interior wayfinding and signage program for this new 630,000 sq. ft. facility. The project offered the opportunity to consider the visitor's wayfinding experience as a foundation to the architectural layout and function of the overall space. "Portals of Care" were established upon entry to the facility, simplifying the wayfinding process by creating recognizable destination points, memorable landmarks and a more intuitive wayfinding experience for patients and visitors. Signage, lighting and interior finishes all work together to create a single design expression within the various spaces. Major areas are identified with unique signage elements, wayfinding signs direct clearly to established zones or departments and the room and operational signs are flexible and changeable, making maintenance and updating easy for hospital staff. See also UMCP Exterior Signage

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rendering credit: HOK ARCHITECTS