Extending Learning
Outside of the Classroom

Attracting and engaging students in physics, chemistry, and biology is a daunting task in every high school. The design of the Annenberg Science Center at the Peddie School provides opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom through the use of dynamic graphics and interpretive design.

MERJE worked closely with the architectural team and the Peddie School science department to develop an award-winning environmental graphics program for the new science center. Recognized by the Society for Environmental Graphic Design in 2006, the overall building is specifically designed to foster informal communication between teachers and students. No matter where students go in this space they are surrounded by the science that they are learning. Elements such as large scale DNA models, wall murals, floor graphics, and signage provide constant sources of scientific information. Each of the fourteen classrooms are named for and feature a famous scientist—Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, and Marie Curie are among those providing inspiration to the students.

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