Branding, Blending, and Broadcasting

MERJE worked with the architectural and interior design teams of RMJM to blend the graphic design program as a single language throughout the space of CBS Channel 3’s new studio and offices in Philadelphia. The program includes reception area branding, wayfinding and operational signage, as well as the group’s common practice of establishing landmarks that provide points of orientation within a space, in this case a large etched graphic of the classic test pattern used in the early days of television. Collaborating with Moore College of Art of Philadelphia, artwork by Bachelor of Fine Arts students is currently displayed year-round in six highly visible exhibition spaces within the station’s 100,000 plus square foot headquarters.

Through its shapes, materials and forms, the design reflects the clean modern details of the space. Neutral metals are consistent with the interior finishes. The reception area signage incorporates lighting and the suspended glass surface panels behind the desk. Exterior signage includes a 16' high classic CBS “eye” logo, which was carefully coordinated with the building’s structure.

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