TransPark Wayfinding Program
global transpark, North Carolina

The North Carolina Global TransPark' (GTP) is a 2,500 acre, multi-modal industrial/airport site in Eastern North Carolina. As an agency of the State of North Carolina, the GTP is considered a key engine for driving the economy of Eastern North Carolina. The park offers access to multimodal transportation options: air, rail, highways and North Carolina's two international ports. The GTP is part of an economic development initiative in eastern North Carolina intended to spur transition in the region from an agricultural base to one of skilled labor and industrial manufacturing. Industries targeted by the GTP are aerospace, defense and logistics sectors.

MERJE, with Gannett Fleming, has been contracted to assist with the re-imaging of the campus, through the development of a coordinated and comprehensive wayfinding program. Working with NC Global TransPark Marketing Department, NCDOT and campus tenants, a new signage program is being developed to reflect the progressive and innovative culture of the park goals. The design also needs to be flexible and updatable to accommodate future changes. The design team is also working closely with NCDOT to coordinate sign locations and design standards within the NCDOT right-of-way.

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