TAMPA, florida

Downtown Tampa is experiencing a resurgence of development, including a continuous pedestrian walkway along its waterfront (Tampa Riverwalk), residential towers, new museums, larger conventions and more activities that attract people downtown on nights and weekends.

The Tampa Downtown Partnership has been joined by local, county and state agencies to develop a wayfinding and identity system to connect the clusters in the urban core. The project’sSteering Committee selected MERJE to design a wayfinding program that projects a consistent image, eases vehicular congestion, promotes walking and mass transit while maintaining sustainability as well as expandability. Wayfinding issues include the creation of districts, clear direction to parking and large event wayfinding.

The design team created three options, each focusing on different themes for the system. LIGHT, TAMPA and WATER made up the three design directions. Gateways are approached as public art and directional signage placement alternates between freestanding and traffic signal mounted. Unique parking symbols guide visitors to the nearest parking facility and pedestrian signage will help to establish walking corridors.

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