From sun-up to sundown and well into the night, Downtown Phoenix provides a truly unique urban environment. With over 90 restaurants, bars, and markets this downtown provides a vibrant and active place for visitors to spend their time. Downtown Phoenix also includes museums, live theater, and music events, and emerging education and research facilities associated with ASU and the University of Arizona. Visitors can experience the rush of professional sports at US Airways Center (Phoenix Suns) or Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks).

The Downtown Phoenix Partnership commissioned MERJE along with sub-consultants EDAW/AECOM (Gateway Design and Local Project Manager) and Gannett Fleming (Sign Planning) to develop a downtown wayfinding program. The project is a comprehensive wayfinding program that includes a wayfinding analysis and the design and planning of gateways, vehicular directional, parking lot trailblazers and pedestrian signage.

The design criteria includes creating a unique and vibrant sign program that reflects the spirit of Downtown Phoenix. The program will also meet the functional requirements traffic engineering criteria, along with the effects of the arid desert environment. A pilot program was installed for the 2009 NBA All-Star Game for the area surrounding the US Airways Center and the Convention Center.

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