Urban Identity
Ocala, Florida

The City of Ocala has a charming downtown with beautifully restored brick buildings, theaters, restaurants, and downtown square. But the urban areas outside the downtown felt disconnected from the walkable hub of activity. The City also was tied to Marion County - the “Horse Capital of the World”- in which Ocala resides. Ocala wanted an identity of its own that focused on family, diversity, its central location in the state, and provided a feeling of connectivity across the City.

MERJE created a new identity and brand for Ocala that wove together the unique aspects of the City. The new logo is friendly, colorful and the ring around the “O” is a nod to the central location of Ocala. The tagline: “Find Your Place” speaks to the fact that there is much more to Ocala than horses, and challenges visitors and residents alike to become involved in all the City has to offer. This new brand is carried through in wayfinding signs, gateways, and other marketing materials that connect and promote the City.

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