MERJE is leading a multi-disciplined team of design firms on the Downtown Austin Wayfinding Master Plan. The team includes McCann Adams Architects, Gannett Fleming, I.T. Gonzalez Engineers and Estilo Communications.

The strategic alliance of MERJE and Rick Engineering has completed a number of projects in California, including wayfinding programs for the Novato, San Diego, Mammoth Lakes and Coronado.

In Ocala, Florida, MERJE has teamed with Vanasse Hangen Brustlin and Michael Baker Jr. on a new identity and wayfinding program.

For the Annapolis, Maryland Wayfinding Master Plan, MERJE is working with Toole Design and Kramer and Associates.

Other teaming projects include Destination Missoula, with Alta Planning + Design, Denton Texas with Lee Engineering, Evanston, Illinois with UrbanWorksand Palmer Square Residences in Princeton, New Jersey with Minno & Wasko.

In Santa Cruz, the firm developed a citywide Wayfinding Master Plan. The multi-disciplined team, included Lance Wyman, Rick Engineering and local designer Timirie Gordon.

MERJE had previously worked with Lance Wyman on the development of a Wayfinding Master Plan for the State of New Jersey.

MERJE worked with Foth, to develop the new Interior Signage Standards for the United States Postal Service.

The alliance between MERJE and Gannett Fleming has produced projects in the North Carolina cities of Asheville, Cary, Fayetteville, Greenville, the Yadkin Valley region and Global TransPark on the eastern edge of the state. Other Gannett Fleming collaborations include Knoxville, Miami and Phoenix.

MERJE has teamed with api(+) on individual wayfinding programs for 
the west coast Florida cities of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota.

Teaming with HOK , MERJE is developing the exterior and interior wayfinding program for the new campus for the University Medical Center at Princeton.

Collaborations with RMJM include the Las Colinas Convention Center in Irving Texas, Penn State Student Health Center and Louisiana Cancer Research Center in New Orleans.